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What Vapes are Safe?

We get that vaping is more than a hobby—it's a lifestyle and a passion. Your health matters, and you shouldn't compromise it for your vaping experience. Worried about the safety of your vaping gear? What Vapes are Safe?

Today's devices are equipped with precise temperature controls and advanced internal chipsets, guaranteeing a smooth vaporisation process for your E-Liquid.

This meticulous attention to detail is designed to ease any worries about inhaling unwanted substances, letting you indulge in your vaping journey with confidence and peace of mind.

So what vapes are safe? Let’s explore together!

What Vapes Are Safe? [Two Types Of Vapes]

If you're well-versed in vaping, you're likely familiar with the distinction between open and closed-system devices. But for those just stepping into the vaping game, let me break it down in simpler terms for you.

Open-System vaping device

An open-system vaping device is a type of electronic cigarette that allows users to customise their vaping experience.
In this system, users can choose their own e-liquid and manually fill the clearomizer.

The device typically features a removable mouthpiece, providing a personalised touch.

Open-system devices often come with powerful batteries, eliminating the need for frequent recharges.

However, to switch between different e-liquid flavours, users must replace the clearomizer to avoid flavour mixing.

Using open-system vaping devices safely involves several precautions:

  • Use a power-regulated mod with a removable battery for advanced safety features.
  • Employ a reliable external charger compatible with the device, following manufacturer instructions during battery charging.
  • Utilise high-quality batteries from reputable brands, avoiding damaged or improperly wrapped batteries.
  • Regularly monitor the battery level and replace it if signs of wear or damage appear.
  • Avoid using devices with loose connections or damaged parts.
  • Follow proper maintenance procedures, including regular cleaning and coil replacement.
  • Keep the device away from extreme temperatures and moisture to prevent battery damage and safety hazards.

These precautions ensure a safer and more enjoyable vaping experience with open-system devices.

Closed-system vaping device

Now, picture a closed-system vaping device as the grab-and-go meal of the vaping world—no prep, no mess.

It's a no-hassle experience where pre-filled cartridges easily attach, and the mouthpiece is built-in, simplifying your vaping journey. Just charge it up, and you're ready to dive into the clouds.

When the cartridge says its goodbyes, toss it away and welcome the next one. For the full flavour blast, keep your closed system device charged and always at the ready.

Now, let's talk about safety. What makes closed systems the reliable choice?

Convenience at its Best:

They're the go-to devices for the busy souls who want a hassle-free vaping experience on the move, no refilling fuss.

Pre-Filled Cartridges:

Say goodbye to handling e-liquid directly; pre-filled cartridges eliminate spills and keep it mess-free.

Sealed for Safety:

The closed system's sealed design isn't just about aesthetics—it prevents leaks and minimises exposure to any unwelcome chemicals.

Malfunction Minimised:

Compared to their open-system counterparts, closed systems are the less likely ones to throw a vaping curveball.

Conclusively, closed-system devices offer the ease and safety you crave in your vaping journey—a smooth ride into the clouds without the complexities.

How to Choose the Safest Vape?

When assessing the safety of a vape product, various criteria must be considered.

It's important to note that the mentioned conditions won't arise after just one use; they result from excessive use, which is strongly discouraged by us.

Opt for Diacetyl-Free E-Liquid

Diacetyl (DA), a flavouring component found in various food items like popcorn, is utilised to enhance flavour and texture.

Unfortunately, its association with respiratory issues, famously termed "popcorn lung," has been established in humans and animals.

This condition first emerged in a popcorn factory. To prioritise your health, it's advisable to choose E-juices that are diacetyl-free.

Additionally, be cautious of ingredients like acetoin and acetyl propionyl, steering clear of these to ensure a safer vaping experience.

Select THC-free E-Liquids

Choosing THC-free E-juice is crucial for a safe vaping experience. The CDC found vitamin E acetate in the lung fluid of EVALI patients, a substance often used in THC-containing e-liquids and linked to severe lung injuries.

While THC is uncommon in regular e-liquids in the UK, SPIRITBAR Vape prioritises safety by excluding THC and vitamin E acetate from their products, ensuring a secure and enjoyable vaping experience.

Stay informed and opt for high-quality e-liquids to mitigate potential risks.

Good Quality Heating Chamber

Unbeknownst to many, the route that vapour takes from the heating chamber to your lungs plays a crucial role in vapour quality and your well-being.

An ideal heating chamber heats up swiftly, is easy to clean, and is made of materials like ceramics or stainless steel.

Avoid cheap metals or plastics that can absorb flavours, posing a risk to your health.

Equally critical is the vapour path. Poor-quality materials in contact with hot air can taint the vapour and jeopardise your well-being.

For a pure and flavorful vapour, opt for vaporisers made with medical-grade materials resistant to flavour absorption.

A broad vapour path allows for deep, prolonged draws, while a screen prevents unwanted bits.

Temperature Management

Effective temperature management is a crucial element for safe vaping.

Research indicates that temperature plays a crucial role in influencing the distribution of aerosol-phase constituents.

Maintaining precise temperature control is essential for minimising the production of undesirable by-products, ensuring a more consistent and predictable emission product profile.

Furthermore, temperature management is essential to consider in terms of toxicity, as higher temperatures during vaping may lead to enhanced thermal degradation of e-liquids, potentially increasing the toxicity of emitted compounds.

By controlling temperature, vapers can mitigate the risk of exposure to harmful substances, promoting a safer overall vaping experience.

Different temperatures also influence chemical reactions within the vaping device, impacting the breakdown of e-liquid components.

Consistent and stable temperature levels are crucial for preventing the formation of unwanted by-products that may pose health hazards.

A quality vaporiser provides a range of temperature settings, enabling you to extract specific compounds and regulate the flavour and intensity of your vaping material.

Temperature plays a key role in the release of different compounds, influencing the overall taste.

While cheaper vaporisers offer a generic experience, a top-notch vaporiser provides you the option to optimise the temperature according to you.

Investing in a vaporiser with precise temperature control is a wise choice for any discerning vaper seeking a healthier alternative to smoking.

Avoid Nicotine Content

While nicotine is a prevalent ingredient found in vape products, it is predominantly utilised by individuals who are already addicted to its stimulating properties.

It's important to recognize that nicotine, single-handedly, does not possess inherent harm; rather, the potential issues arise from the addictive nature of the substance.

Striking a balance and being mindful of usage patterns is essential to ensuring a safer and healthier approach to vaping, especially for those who engage in it for recreational purposes, savouring the flavours and the act of vaping itself, rather than seeking a substitute for traditional cigarettes.

For those who are drawn to the sensory pleasures of vaping and wish to distance themselves from nicotine altogether, nicotine-free vapes are like a cool option.

They give you all the different yummy flavors without the stuff that makes you addicted. So, you can still enjoy the fun of vaping without worrying about any health issues linked to nicotine.

Buy Batteries From Trusted Brands

Choose vape batteries from reliable brands to ensure your vaping experience is both dependable and of high quality.

While authentic batteries might come with a slightly higher upfront cost, the long-term benefits in terms of safety and performance make it a worthwhile investment.

Using inferior or substandard batteries poses the risk of overheating, explosions, and fires.

Therefore, maintaining stringent quality control and adherence to compliance standards is crucial for manufacturers to guarantee the safety of their products and protect users.

There are three main types of lithium batteries: ICR, IMR, and Hybrid. For the safest and most efficient performance, it's recommended to stick with either IMR or Hybrid batteries.

Although ICR batteries offer higher storage capacity, they may struggle to handle the required amperage for increased power, low resistance, or mechanical devices.

Buy FDA-Approved Devices

The FDA has raised an alarm about the alarming rise in e-cigarette use among young individuals, terming it an "epidemic."

For those of us who vape, it's crucial to recognize the potential risks, especially for the younger generation.

In response, the FDA has taken concrete steps, introducing policies, enforcing regulations, and educating the public to shed light on the hazards associated with e-cigarettes.

These measures are designed to prevent young people from accessing these products.

While FDA reviews have been slow historically, recent strides have been made.

Keep in mind that the FDA tends to favour devices with tobacco flavours and closed systems rather than open systems with flavoured products.

Opting for FDA-approved vape hardware ensures a safer and more responsible vaping experience.

What Are Some Tips for Choosing the Safest Vape?

Choosing the safest vape involves several considerations to ensure a healthy and enjoyable experience.

Keep an eye on what's in your vape products. Opt for those with natural flavours, and resist the temptation to mix up your e-liquids for experimentation, as different flavourings might have chemicals that don't play well together.

Avoid e-cigs or e-liquids from places without proper regulations to avoid potentially harmful substances or safety lapses during production.

Look for products stamped with USP Grade (United States Pharmacopeia) for the assurance of top-notch ingredients. It's a gold standard for pharmaceutical chemicals and is widely adopted by the vaping industry.

To play it safe, do your homework, stick to reputable brands, and steer clear of questionable DIY mixes. Your health is worth it.

What is the Safest Form of Nicotine?

Nicotine, though addictive, affects individuals differently and is not inherently harmful in its purest form.

Its safety depends on individual needs, health status, and previous smoking habits. Nicotine salts offer a smoother nicotine hit, making them beneficial for those transitioning from traditional cigarettes.

It's crucial to debunk the misconception that nicotine is an ultra-harmful chemical, contrary to common belief and warning labels.

Nicotine is not linked to lung or heart diseases, nor is it a known cause of cancer.

As a short-acting stimulant, it is generally safe for adults without significant health issues. Millions have safely used Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products, such as patches or gum, for decades.

However, nicotine is highly addictive. If you're vaping to quit smoking, you're already dealing with nicotine addiction. If you're a non-smoker or have never smoked, vaping is not advisable.

What is the Safest Vape for Your Lungs?

When you're on the lookout for a vape that's gentle on your lungs, focus on devices with smart internal chipsets, effective filters, and top-notch E-Liquids – just like the ones we have in our store.

Check out our starter vape kits and pod kits; they're a great way to kick off a vaping journey with safety in mind.

Here's the real deal: every vape device and E-Liquid hitting the UK vape market has faced rigorous testing and approval from the MHRA and TPD.

That means all the vapes and juices legally sold in the UK have the official nod, ensuring a thorough safety check. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Are Disposable Vapes Safe?

The safety and health impact of disposable vapes hinge on product quality and user habits.

Yet, truth be told, all disposable vapes we carry share the same safety profile; no vape product on the UK market is inherently safer or riskier than the rest.

Any claim asserting the safety superiority of one disposable vape brand over another not only misses the mark but also violates UK law.

Crucially, no vape product can guarantee absolute safety or claim to be 100% healthy. Ongoing research is exploring the long-term effects of vaping, with current understanding suggesting vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

What is the Safest Way to Vape Nicotine?

The safest way to vape nicotine is by picking the right device, and keeping it in good shape (regular cleaning and changing coils/pods for refillable vapes).

Going overboard on nicotine might bring on discomfort like dizziness, nausea, or a faster heartbeat, but rest assured, these effects are usually mild and almost never life-threatening.

If you ever find vaping gives you a hard time, just take a break.

Wait a couple of hours for the nicotine to clear out of your system—the discomfort should ease off.

And if things persist, it's always a good idea to touch base with a healthcare pro for advice. Your well-being matters!

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How Much Is Too Much Nicotine in My Vape?

Choosing the right nicotine strength that is ideal for you depends upon your tolerance and past smoking habits.

Here in the UK, E-Liquids offer a spectrum of nicotine strengths, ranging from nicotine-free (0mg) to high strength (20mg). Globally, you might find options going up to 50mg.

If you've been a heavy smoker, starting with 20mg is a reasonable step. Light or moderate smokers could lean towards 10mg or 5mg nicotine strengths.

Remember, nicotine-free vapes are tailored for those who've kicked the nicotine habit, not for non-smokers, as they still carry health risks. These levels are like a compass to help you find your perfect nicotine balance.

How to keep your vape safe?

To maintain the safety of your vape, follow these essential tips:

  1. Replace batteries if they become wet or damaged.
  2. Avoid using a mobile or tablet charger for charging.
  3. Store loose batteries in a protective case to prevent conductivity in your pocket.
  4. Refrain from charging your vape overnight.
  5. Choose a device with built-in safety features.
  6. Keep your vape away from hot environments, such as leaving it in a car on a warm day.

Does the e-liquid of vapes contain tobacco?

Vape liquid is not tobacco; it's a synthetic product comprising VG, PG, flavourings, and optionally nicotine. Unlike burning tobacco, which releases numerous chemicals, E-Liquids lack these harmful substances.

What kind of E-liquid has no nicotine?

When buying E-liquid in the UK with a volume exceeding 10ml, it'll be nicotine-free due to regulations. Larger 50ml or 100ml shortfills usually have a higher VG ratio with room to add nic shots if needed.

Even 10ml bottles can contain 0mg nicotine, often with a higher PG ratio for simpler vaporizers. Nicotine limits in the UK range up to 18mg, or 20mg in nicotine salt e-liquid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to vape while pregnant?

It is recommended not to vape during pregnancy. Nicotine can pose risks to the baby's brain, lungs, and heart development. If you're pregnant and seeking to quit smoking, consult with your doctor for alternative methods to quit.

Is vaping with 0 nicotine safe?

Vaping with 0 nicotine is generally considered safer than with nicotine, as nicotine is addictive. For a better and safer vaping experience, it is recommended to choose reputable products, follow guidelines, and stay informed. Consulting healthcare professionals is advised.

Is it OK for a 13-year-old to vape without nicotine?

No, vaping is strictly not recommended for individuals, especially minors. Even without nicotine, vaping poses health risks, and its impact on developing bodies is not fully understood. It's crucial to discourage underage vaping and prioritise healthy habits for young individuals.

Is it safe to vape on periods?

There is no specific evidence suggesting that vaping during menstruation is unsafe. However, it's important to note that the health effects of vaping, in general, are still being studied.

If you have specific health concerns or conditions, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for personalised advice. Overall, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being cautious about any potential risks associated with vaping is recommended.


In wrapping up, the world of vaping is like a vast playground, offering so many options and considerations for us enthusiasts to explore. It's like finding the perfect recipe for an amazing experience, with open-system and closed-system devices each adding their unique flavours to the mix. And you know what? Safety is the secret ingredient that makes the whole experience truly satisfying.

So, for those curious souls wondering, "What vapes are safe?" Well, it's a bit like choosing between a customised open system, where you get to play the flavour maestro, or the easygoing closed system, making vaping a breeze. It's all about finding that sweet spot.

Safety, my friend, is like crafting the perfect melody in this symphony of choices. From diacetyl-free e-liquids to THC-free options, and a top-notch heating chamber, it's about creating a masterpiece that's safe and sound.

And oh, don't forget the temperature dance; it's like the rhythm that sets the mood, making sure everything flows smoothly.

Choosing the safest vape is like picking the freshest ingredients for your favourite dish. Opt for reputable brands, follow safety tips, and stay in the loop with the latest tunes from research.

Yet, with research suggesting vaping is 95% safer than smoking, it's like finding the right balance in our melody.

As we close the exploration of the question "What vapes are safe?" is like a friendly reminder to look out for each other.

It's like sharing tips on caring for our batteries, charging them the right way, and keeping them away from hot spots.

By creating a vibe of shared knowledge and responsible choices, we can all enjoy our vaping passion with a sense of harmony and peace of mind. Cheers to a safe and satisfying vaping experience!

Ready to explore a world of safe and satisfying vaping? Discover a range of premium vaping products and accessories that prioritize both your enjoyment and safety. Let's make your vaping experience a harmonious melody!

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