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Vaping Glossary - Exploring Vaping Slangs and Terminologies

Switching to vaping can be exciting, but the jungle of jargon can quickly turn bewildering. What's a "clearomizer"? Does "Li-Ion" sound scarier than "IMR"? Why is everyone whispering about "diacetyl" like a forbidden spell?

Don't worry, vape newbie! We're here to crack the code with this essential guide to 65+ vaping terms. From "box mods" to "disposables," you'll be fluent in no time, ready to confidently dissect any vape-related chat.

And if you get caught in a technical bind, our wide range of vape guides and articles are just a click away, waiting to answer your every question.

So grab your e-cig and prepare to shed the confusion! Let's navigate the world of vaping, one term at a time.


Your secret weapon for mixing and matching! Use this handy gadget to connect cartridges to different batteries, unlocking a wider world of vaping possibilities.

Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV)

Forget basic! This device goes beyond the ordinary and lets you fine-tune your vaping experience with adjustable wattage and voltage. It's the mod master's choice for ultimate control.

All-Day Vape

Found your flavour soulmate? A slang term referring to a preferred e-liquid flavour that one can savour without experiencing taste fatigue.


Ditch the dirty word and say hello to "analogue," an alternative term used instead of E-cigarettes.


The heart of the beast! This hidden hero heats your e-liquid, transforming it into a flavorful vapour for your ultimate enjoyment.

Automatic Device

Effortless vaping at its finest! No buttons, no fuss - just inhale and let the device work its magic for a smooth, this is called automatic experience.



These are refillable containers ready to be filled with your custom blend of e-liquid flavours.

Box Mod

Big vape like a box originated from the USA and is now popular in the UK as well. This king-sized vaporizer packs a punch with adjustable settings made specially for experienced vapers.


Car Charger

Car charger for your vape. Plug your vaping battery into this handy car adapter and keep your clouds flowing no matter where your journey takes you.



This is a US organisation for vapers that champions the voices of vapers, ensuring your choices are heard.


This transparent tank lets you see your e-liquid level at a glance, so you can say goodbye to dry hits and hello to vaping peace of mind. No more guessing games about the amount of liquid.

Clouds (vapour)

It is an alternative term used instead of the vapour you exhale after inhaling a puff. Don't be fooled by the name, these aren't storm clouds!



Some e-liquids use a flavouring called diacetyl, which can be harmful to the lungs. It's recommended that vapers avoid any e-liquid containing diacetyl to protect their lung health. The vaping world's boogeyman!


A disposable e-cigarette made for single use and then thrown away after.


Dripping is: adding e-liquid directly onto the atomizer.

Drip Tip

A nozzle that enables vapers to directly drip e-liquid into the tank.



E-cig is a shortened term for e-cigarette.


E-juice is another way to refer to e-liquid.



Flooding happens when you put too much e-liquid in the atomizer or tank. You'll notice it if you hear a gurgling sound when you take a puff.



Another term for inhalation.

High Voltage Device (HV)

A vaping device operating above the standard 3.7 volts for e-cigarettes.



Abbreviation for lithium-ion cobalt battery.


Abbreviation for lithium-ion manganese battery.


The act of breathing vapour into the mouth, throat, and/or lungs.



The unit of power, especially relevant for those using temperature-controlled mods.


An alternative term for e-liquid or e-juice.



Another term for throat hit.



A light used on many vaping devices to indicate the device is powered up or the battery is running low.


An alternative term for e-liquid or e-juice.


Abbreviation for lithium-ion batteries, considered the strongest on the market.


Abbreviation for lithium polymer rechargeable batteries.

Low Resistance Device (LR)

An atomizer/cartomizer with a lower Ohm rating than usual devices.

Lung Hit

Inhaling vapour directly into the lungs.


Manual Battery

A type of battery that requires the press of a button to switch on the device.

Mechanical Mod

A vaping device without electronics typically contains a mechanical switch that holds a battery in place.

Mg Strength

The nicotine strength of an e-liquid. Different strength in different devices.

Mouth to Lung Hit

Inhaling vapour into the mouth and then into the lungs.



An alkaloid substance found in the tobacco plant, present in both traditional and electronic cigarettes.

Nicotine Strength

Used when discussing the nicotine level of e-liquid, typically measured in mg or as a %.


Abbreviation for Nicotine Replacement Therapy.



A device that can be powered by a USB connection.


Abbreviation for portable charging case, a case that allows an e-cigarette to be charged on the go.


A slim style of electronic cigarette, sometimes referred to as a cigalike.

Personal Vaporizer (PV)

An alternative name for an e-cigarette.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

One of the main ingredients in e-liquids.


Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA)

An atomizer that can be rebuilt by the user, and used by some to save on cost.


Smokeless Cigarette

An early alternative name for an e-cigarette.

Starter Kit

A bundle of products or you can say a kit containing everything a user needs to begin vaping.


A method used by cloud chasers to create large clouds of vapour.


Throat Hit

The sensation of the vapour hitting the throat.


Abbreviation for Tobacco Harm Reduction.


Variable Voltage (VV)

A device that gives the user control over the voltage output.

Variable Wattage (VW)

A device that gives the user control over the wattage.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

A common ingredient in e-liquid.



The element of the vaping device that delivers e-liquid to the coil, commonly made from silica cord, cotton, and fiberglass.

We've done our best to cover a lot of vaping terms and phrases in this list. But hey, if you think of any we missed, drop them in the comments! We're all ears and ready to add them to the mix based on your suggestions.



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