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5 Best nicotine free vapes in 2024

Ever feel like you love blowing cool clouds of vapour, but not the yucky stuff that makes your head spin? Maybe the coughing fits aren't so fun either. Well, guess what? You can still have all the fun of vaping, without the bad stuff!

Imagine, puffing on candy-flavoured clouds that dance in the air, without getting addicted or feeling grumpy. This guide is your map to the world of nicotine-free vapes: where flavours explode like fireworks, and you're the coolest cloud master around!

Get ready to ditch the yucky bits and discover a world of awesome vaping, free from grown-up worries. Buckle up, because we're about to present the 5 best nicotine free vapes in 2024.

5 Best nicotine free vapes in 2024 [General Overview]

If you're on the lookout for nicotine-free vaping options, these brands offer a satisfying and flavorful experience without the nicotine content. Here are five top picks for the best nicotine-free vapes:

5 Best nicotine free vapes in 2024 [Detailed Description]

Delving into the details, here's a comprehensive analysis of five brands that excel in providing satisfying nicotine-free alternatives, catering to diverse preferences within the vaping community.

Aroma King 7000 [Best Nicotine Free Vape Overall]

As a nicotine-free alternative, the Aroma King 7000 boasts impressive features and performance. The Aroma 7000 Puffs disposable nicotine free vape cuts a stylish figure with its ergonomic design and compact build.

Available in vibrant hues, it feels comfortable in hand and fits discreetly in your pocket. Unlike clunky refillable mods, this disposable vape is refreshingly fuss-free, requiring no messy refills or coil changes.

Flavor Fiesta

Aroma King 7000 disposable vape packs a punch with its diverse flavour selection. From crisp menthol to creamy desserts, the options seem endless. Their signature salt nic e-liquid delivers a smooth, satisfying throat hit without nicotine's addictive grip.

Puff Powerhouse

Brace yourself for an endurance marathon. The 7000 in its name isn't just a marketing number; the internal 850mAh battery promises an astounding 7000 puffs, translating to weeks of flavorful enjoyment before needing replacement.

Standing Out in the Cloud

Aroma King 7000 Puff nicotine free disposable vape boasts a consistent, flavorful vape experience. Its constant power output ensures no burnt coils or disappointing puffs. The vapour production, while not monstrous, strikes a satisfying balance between discretion and visible clouds.

Decision Maker's Guide

  • Flavor Variety: (5/5) Aroma King shines with its extensive and delectable flavour range.
  • Ease of Use: (5/5) Disposable and hassle-free, perfect for beginners or convenience seekers.
  • Puff Count: (5/5) 7000 puffs for the price of one? Hard to beat that value.

Elf Bar 600 [Best Affordable Nicotine Free Vape]

The Elf Bar 600 carves a niche as a pocket-friendly, zero-nicotine vape pen. Let's explore its strengths and quirks.

This tiny titan measures a mere 4.8 inches, comfortably nestled in your palm. Its sleek, flat design feels surprisingly weighty and sturdy, unlike flimsy competitors. Activation is as simple as inhaling – no buttons, no fuss.

Flavor Fiesta (with Caveats)

Elf Bar 600 Vape boasts a decent flavour selection, from tangy fruits to creamy sweets. While not the most complex taste profiles, they deliver a satisfying, consistent puff. However, some users report an occasional chemical aftertaste, a reminder of the inherent limitations of non-tobacco flavours.

Puff Powerhouse for its Price

With a 550mAh battery, the Elf Bar promises around 600 puffs, roughly equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. That's impressive for its lightweight build and price tag. However, remember, puff count can vary depending on your inhalation style.

Simplicity vs. Customization

The disposable nature eliminates the need for messy refills or coil changes. But this convenience comes at the cost of customization. You can't adjust vapour production, airflow, or experiment with different e-liquids.

Friend on a Budget

At a budget-friendly price of just £3.99, the Elf Bar 600 nicotine free vape is a tempting option for nicotine-free vape newbies. Its ease of use, compact size, and decent flavour variety make it a solid entry point.

Decision Maker's Guide:

  • Value for Money: (5/5) Unbeatably affordable, offering decent puff count and features.
  • Ease of Use: (5/5) Disposable and effortless – ideal for beginners or on-the-go vaping.
  • Flavor Variety: (3/5) Good range, but not the most nuanced or complex profiles.

Elux Legend 3500 [Best Nicotine Free Vape with Long Battery Life]

As a nicotine-free contender with an unmatched battery life, the Elux Legend 3500 emerges as a strong contender. Let's delve into its strengths and potential thorns.

Sleek and Substantial

Ditch the clunky mods, the Elux Legend 3500 Puffs nicotine free disposable vape boasts a sleek, pen-style design that fits comfortably in your hand. Its slightly taller stature compared to the Elf Bar 600 hints at the powerhouse battery nestled within. Available in vibrant hues, it adds a touch of style to your nicotine-free journey.

Flavor Odyssey

Embark on a flavour safari with the Elux Legend 3500's expansive repertoire. From juicy fruits to refreshing mints, their signature mesh coils deliver consistent, flavorful puffs. However, compared to premium brands, some users report slightly muted flavour profiles.

Endurance Champion

The "3500" in its name isn't just a marketing gimmick. This vape pen houses a monstrous 1500mAh battery, promising a staggering 3500 puffs, roughly equivalent to two packs of cigarettes per day for over a week! Forget the daily charging woes; this is a true vaping marathon runner.

Beyond Puffs

But its endurance isn't just about quantity. The Elux Legend 3500 vape maintains consistent flavour and vapour production throughout its lifespan, unlike some competitors that fizzle out towards the end.

Convenience with Caveats

Disposable convenience comes at the cost of customization. You can't adjust airflow or experiment with different e-liquids, but for those seeking a fuss-free nicotine-free experience, it's a welcome trade-off.

Decision Maker's Guide:

  • Battery Life: (5/5) Unmatched endurance, a clear champion in this category.
  • Flavor Variety: (4/5) Wide range, but some might find it less complex than premium brands.
  • Convenience: (5/5) Disposable and hassle-free, perfect for on-the-go vaping.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

  • Long Battery Life: (Must-Have) If extended vaping sessions are your priority, the Elux Legend 3500 reigns supreme.
  • Flavor Variety: (Consider) Decent options, but if nuanced profiles are key, explore premium brands.
  • Convenience: (Bonus) Disposable and effortless, ideal for beginners or casual vapers.

Insta Bar 5000 [Best Nicotine Free Vape With MTL Vaping]

Craving that satisfying cigarette-like draw without the nicotine grip? Insta Bar 5000 throws open the gates to MTL paradise, and here's why:

Forget bulky mods and sub-ohm clouds. The Insta Bar 5000 Vape embraces the MTL philosophy with its compact, pen-style design. It sits comfortably in your hand, delivering a familiar cigarette-like feel ideal for MTL purists. Its mouthpiece is ergonomically designed for a smooth, satisfying draw.

Flavor Fiesta

Insta Bar 5000 boasts a generous flavour selection, catering to the MTL palate. From classic tobacco blends to fruity concoctions, their e-liquids are pre-filled with 12 ml of goodness. While some users report the occasional muted flavour, overall, the Insta Bar 5000 nicotine free vape delivers a consistent and enjoyable MTL experience.

Puff Powerhouse

With a built-in 600mAh battery, the Insta Bar promises a whopping 5000 puffs, meaning weeks of MTL satisfaction before needing replacement. This makes it a budget-friendly option compared to refillable MTL setups.

Decision Maker's Guide:

  • MTL Performance: (5/5) Tight draw, flavorful vapour, ideal for MTL vaping.
  • Flavor Variety: (4/5) Decent range, but might lack complexity compared to premium brands.
  • Convenience: (5/5) Disposable and hassle-free, perfect for MTL purists on the go.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

  • MTL Enthusiast: (Must-Have) If MTL vaping is your sole vice, the Insta Bar 5000 delivers a satisfying experience.
  • Flavor Variety: (Consider) While decent, explore premium brands if nuanced profiles are crucial.
  • Convenience: (Bonus) Disposable and effortless, ideal for MTL beginners or casual vapers.

Flerbar Baymax 3500 [Best nicotine free Vape With Mesh Coil]

Ready to ditch the nicotine but keep the flavour clouds dancing? The Flerbar Baymax 3500 steps into the arena as a mesh coil champion, but remember, even nicotine-free doesn't equate to being entirely worry-free.

Mesh Maestro

Forget standard coils, the Baymax 3500 vape flaunts cutting-edge mesh technology. This translates to denser vapour, bolder flavours, and a smoother puff that rivals pricier devices. It's like a flavour explosion in your mouth, minus the nicotine aftershock.

Pocket-Sized Powerhouse

Don't underestimate its compact, sleek design. This little titan packs a 650mAh battery, unleashing an impressive 3500 puffs – weeks of flavour adventures before needing to say sayonara. Think of it as a marathon of mesh-crafted vapour, not a quick puff and go.

Flavor Fantasia

From juicy mangoes to icy mints, the Baymax 3500's 7ml e-liquid symphony keeps your taste buds on their toes. While some might crave the nuanced complexity of premium brands, the Baymax 3500 Puff Nicotine Free Disposable Vape delivers solid flavour profiles that hit the spot, puff after puff.

Beyond Puffs

But its prowess goes beyond just quantity. The Baymax maintains consistent flavour and vapour density throughout its lifespan, unlike competitors that fizzle out towards the end. This is your marathon, not a sprint to the finish line.

Convenience with Caveats

Disposable? Yes, and that's where things get interesting. You get effortless use, no messy refills or coil changes. But for customization fans, it might feel like a one-way street. No adjusting airflow or experimenting with different e-liquids here.

Decision Maker's Guide

  • Mesh Coil Performance: (5/5) Denser vapour, bolder flavours, a mesh masterpiece.
  • Flavor Variety: (4/5) Decent range, solid profiles, but complexity seekers might yearn for more.
  • Convenience: (5/5) Disposable simplicity, ideal for mesh enthusiasts on the move.

Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Mesh Coil Fanatic: (Must-Have) If mesh technology speaks to your soul, the Baymax 3500 delivers the goods.
  • Flavour Adventurer: (Consider) While decent, explore premium brands for the most intricate flavour journeys.
  • Convenience Seeker: (Bonus) Disposable ease, perfect for mesh lovers on the go.


Vaping is not just about the clouds; it's about enjoying the whole experience.
Imagine you're on a journey through the world of vaping, but without any of the nicotine troubles. We've checked out some cool options in 2024, like the Aroma King 7000 that lasts a long time and the Insta Bar 5000 that gives you a smooth draw.

The best part?
Whether you really love different flavours or just want to make big clouds, remember that the world of nicotine-free vapes is full of fun choices waiting for you.

This blog is like your friend helping you out in the confusing world of vaping. It's not just about the Aroma Kings and Insta Bars; it's about you making choices that fit what you like.

It's not just about the devices; it's about helping you figure out what's best for you.

Now, as you take the next step in your vaping journey, check out our other guides and reviews.

Whether you're a pro vaper or just starting, there is a ton of information out there, and your perfect experience is waiting for you. Enjoy your vaping adventure!

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